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External Shading Systems

Quality materials - Modern design!

kotolakidis | enoiko-skiasis

Welcome to the website of En Oiko Shading Systems company, that is based in Serres, and is successfully operating in the fields of awnings, offering top quality products in a wide variety of colors, designs and construction materials.

With many years of presence in the field, our company undertakes the complete study, measurement and installation of external shading systems, in private and professional spaces.

Our goal, at En Oiko Shading Systems, is always the impeccable service of our customers, providing them with the ideal, but also the most advantageous solutions for their space.

The experience and excellent technical knowledge of our staff allow our company to provide reliable solutions and specialized applications, able to satisfy even the highest domestic and professional demands.

At the same time, we make sure to source our products from well-known companies that incorporate unique design and production elements.

Thus, we ensure reliability, functionality and high aesthetics in all the awnings of your choice and, in fact, at the most competitive prices!

Contact the company En Oiko Shading Systems, in Serres, and choose modern and classic fabrics for your awning and pergola, from top manufacturers, including: Protection, Calbari, Tencate, Dickson, Sattler, Das, Docril. Let’s also find, together, the type of shading that is suitable for your space. We also undertake special constructions, based on your special requirements and needs!

bioclimatic pergolas

Responding fully to your requirements, at En Oiko we also have bioclimatic pergolas, which are the ideal way of shading throughout the year…


We provide complete shading solutions, responding to every aesthetic and functional requirement of our customers. We have high quality branded awning fabrics…

vertical cassettes

Choose innovative shading solutions and hermetically close your space with vertical cassettes! Protect yourself from the weather & enjoy the summer breeze…

In our company you will find state-of-the-art shading systems and a wide variety of awnings and awning fabrics from top manufacturers. We have a wide range of designs and colors and various construction materials – all of excellent quality, at highly competitive prices!

At En Oiko Shading Systems we carefully study the requirements of your space, both domestic and professional. This way, we deliver shading solutions perfectly adapted to your needs, satisfying your personal taste. Find the awning that suits your space!

Always aiming to provide excellent service to the customers who trust us and with the help of our many years of experience and excellent know-how, we successfully implement every shading solution. We keep the pre-agreed delivery times, we stand out for our impeccable professionalism!




All our awnings have ISO Certification
& corresponding quality warranties!

Here at En Oiko Shading Systems, we are looking forward
to finding the right shading solution for your space
& your personal taste!